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GBM (Giuseppe Borziani Milano) Srl was born in Milan in 1948.

From the 50s to the mid-70s the company was managed by both the founder Giuseppe Borziani and his son Dr. Sergio Borziani. During this time the Company maintained its initial imprinting and over the years became a market leader for the production and retail sale of spare parts for injection pumps for diesel engines. 

Since the very beginning of80s, following the death of both the founder  in the 70s and that of his son in the 60s, the duty of managing the company has has fallen tothe grandson of the founder, as well as current president, Dr. Giuseppe Borziani. In these years  GBM srl changes its name to SpA  The company enters the field of railway/tramway spare parts becoming the exclusive Italian dealer of the large American group Westinghouse (today Faiveley Transport). Becoming the dealer of Westinghouse in the railway sector, and over the years followed by Ansaldo Signal (which later became Ansaldo STS) and a distribution agreement with SKF. 

In the late 90s the company managed to obtain the  UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 quality certification necessary both for the continuous increase in material handled and for the new target customers (public entities, large Italian companies, vehicle manufacturers). Still in those years, the company ventured into two different companies: becoming a producer of components for diesel injection and changed its strategic positioning by also entering the sector of spare parts for earth-moving equipment and vehicles.

In 2005, in order to further expand its range of services, the Company set up a unit dedicated to international distribution, with all the relevant requirements (customs procedures, chamber of commerce, special packaging, etc.) so as to be able to serve its customers in the large companies sector, which it had acquired in Italy and even abroad in the past few years.

In 2006 Dr. Giuseppe Borziani’s son joins the company Dr. Andrea Borziani, thus reaching the fourth generation. In recent years, after the eldest son, the two sisters Benedetta and Alessandra, have also joined the company.

In 2010 the company further extended its product range by including two prestigious brands in the industrial filtration sector in its portfolio, Fleetguard ®  and Donaldson®. These new products have been used as a complement to the supply of both diesel and large business customers.

In 2018 the company entered into a new commercial agreement with MAN®, of which it has become the exclusive dealer for the railway sector in Italy; has developed a line of components and electronic boards labeled with the JOB® brand in partnership with a leading company in the field of electronic components.

In 2019 The company has also struck several new commercial alliances in order to be able to offer its customers several excellent services related to the world of servicing (diesel traction engines, electric traction motors, electronic cards and pneumatic systems). Products for the line are also added to the vast historical range of products for train lines, as the company has become the distributor of Microelettrica Scientifica brand.

Today the company operates as the commercial dealer/distributor for numerous and prestigious companies mainly in 3 sectors : Diesel injection, tramway and earth moving and can boast a logistics structure consisting of 3 sheds plus main offices for a total covered area of approx 5000 square meters where a team totaling 30 people is operating.


To create added value for our Customers thanks to high level of service, to a wide complementary range of products offered, high technical competence of our staff and the constant local presence