G.B.M. S.p.A. dal 1948
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G.B.M. S.r.l. was born in the far 1948

The individual Company G.B. was founded by Giuseppe Borziani in the mid-30s in Addis Ababa and Asmara in Italian Africa. The main activity was the retail sale of spare parts for injection pumps and diesel engines. With the end of the war the company was closed to be reopened in ’48 in Milan, where was born G.B.M. srl.

From the ’50s until the mid 70s, the Company was managed both by the founder and his son Dr. Sergio Borziani. In this period the Company maintained its initial imprinting becoming over the years the market leader in the production and retail of spare parts for injection pumps for diesel engines.  G.B.M. Customers was composed mainly by end-users  named “pump repairmen”.

Since the early ’80s, following the death of the founder  in the 70’s and of the son in the 60’s, the Company’s management passed into the hands of the nephew of the founder and current president, Dr. Giuseppe Borziani. In those years G.B.M. SRL changes Company name to S.p.A.

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