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The field of application

The GBM quality management system is the commercialization of original spare parts for the metropolitan railway “automotive” sector. Sales of spare parts for the earth-moving machinery sector. Development, production management and assistance of components for diesel injection systems.

G.B.M. SPA sets as priority objectives the complete customer satisfaction and the growth of its visibility and position on the market.

To achieve these objectives, the general management through the quality policy, intends to promote and enforce rigorously the principles established in the quality management system according to the ISO 9001: 2015 scheme and, through the direct involvement of all staff, implement continuous improvement.

The company strategy aims to:

  • identify the client’s needs and expectations so that they can be better satisfied
  • link the image of GBM SPA to high quality standards
  • comply with all applicable mandatory laws
  • monitor and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, the quality level of its services and business processes
  • create a close-knit team of responsible and proactive employees
  • optimize internal resources, in order to avoid mistakes, delays, inefficiencies
  • maintain a high technical competence of the personnel developing a policy of constant training and involvement
  • ensure compliance with the mandatory regulations for safety at work
  • improve internal and external communication
  • involve and sensitize staff to culture and quality management
  • prevent accidents and occupational diseases
  • involve suppliers in the value chain of the product as an integral and strategic part of the company’s assets

In view of the strategies mentioned, the general management undertakes to:

  • maintain the quality policy on an annual basis: review it to ensure its continuous suitability and update it in line with company objectives and strategies
  • ensure that quality policy is disseminated to all sectors concerned, understood and applied at all levels and becomes an integral part of the corporate culture
  • implement the contents of the corporate quality management system documents
  • periodically check the effectiveness of the quality management system, promoting improvement actions aimed at increasing the level of customer satisfaction.

It is the will of the general management to monitor, as well as to support, the achievement of the pre-established objectives

Milan, 24th October 2017

General Direction

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