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G.B.M. SpA has entered into market of technical supplies early 2000s.

It is focused primarily on the provision of three-phase electric motors as these constitute a substantial segment of the overall costs for the electricity consumption related to the operation of industrial plants.

In addition to the partnership with the Regal Beloit group, as regards the electric motors, G.B.M. commercializes also engines with Schwarz brand.

The Schwarz engines comply with the IEC 60034-30 standard, are available in three efficiency classes IE1 – IE2 – IE3 and more covers the segment of special engines / parts (shaft worked, servo ventilation, encoder, high temperatures, flanges / couplings not unified).

This line covers all the needs of industrial customers with excellent value for money.

N.B. the motors can be supplied with its gearboxes, inverters, pulleys, etc …