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Engines :

The Asynchronous engines constitute a substantial segment of the overall costs for energy consumption related to the operation of industrial plants and commercial and administrative systems structures. G.B.M. SpA deals energy-saving motors related to the energy saving with IE3 Premium Efficiency class. Today this segment is strongly influenced by regulations on energy savings, more and more restrictive and binding and greater awareness on the part of Companies to a role of responsibility for the environment.

Particular care of product, of which we become guarantors, has given by the choice of the motor composition materials (special steel for the magnetic laminations, special steel for the rotors, aluminum and cast iron for carcasses, SKF bearings, high-quality copper, non-toxic paints for the winding insulation, etc …) that assure the finest performance in S1 duty cycle with climatic conditions from -20 ° to + 40 ° and altitudes up to 1000 meters, as well as greater life of the product. In case of different conditions we have a large range of engines with protections and special sizes or to design.
The PREMIUM EFFICIENCY IE3 series guarantees compliance with the minimum performance requirements (MEPS) involved in the various countries within the EU, compulsory from 1 January 2015 and the requirements NEMA EPAct / EISA already obligatory in the USA from December 2010 and in Canada from January 2011.

We are present in all major markets with following engines:

* Three phase asynchronous induction “squirrel cage”(squirrel cage)
* Single-phase asynchronous induction
* Self braking AC / DC
* Atex (flameproof) for Oil & Gas applications
* Nema